White Papers

Tritium Trust White Paper

October 12, 2018

The Nexus network operates using three channels for producing valid blocks and minting new NXS currency – two Proof-of-Work channels and one Proof-of-Stake channel. Tritium Trust represents the first in a series of releases implementing the Tritium protocol on the Nexus network. Through these changes, Nexus has laid the groundwork for future releases of the TAO (Tritium, Amine and Obsidian) framework to include a Trust and Reputation system as well as Trust Locks integral to the three dimensional chain.

Tritium White Paper

May 29, 2018

The Tritium Protocol is the first of three updates of the TAO Framework (Tritium, Amine and Obsidian). The key architecture of the Tritium upgrade is the seven Layered Software Stack that creates a register based process virtual machine. By creating a clear distinction between each of these functional components, each layer can be developed and improved independent of one another, processing can be shared across multiple layers, and the integration challenges can be minimized for anyone who chooses to build on this system.