Developer Team



Software Architect
Slack ID: @videlicet

Colin Cantrell is a software architect, engineer, musician and composer. Having been raised in the aerospace industry, he took up programming at the age of 11, and was helping to build rockets by the age of 16. Through these combined interests, in 2014 Nexus was born, bringing together technologies to promote a greater distribution of resources and communication. His ultimate vision is to increase the accessibility of these technologies in order to help people to build a greater connection to one another.



Software Engineer
Slack ID: @paulscreen

Paul is a software engineer with 20 years of industry experience. He holds a 1st-class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and was previously employed as a Software Architect for a small London-based software house. His coding experience is predominantly in C++, C++/CLI, and C# developing enterprise applications on Windows, C#/ web applications, and C#/C++ web services. Paul also brings a wealth of engineering and management experience, having previously lead and managed development teams though full life-cycle projects, utilizing various development methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. In 2018, Paul helped establish the Nexus Embassy in Australia, where he now serves as a board director.



Software Engineer
Slack ID: @Kendal Cormany

Kendal graduated in 2012 with a BA of Science and has since programmed and release apps and games on multitude platforms including: PC/Mac, Web, IOS/Android, Steam, and even the Playstation Network. He has most of his experience in Unity 3D creating apps/games in both 2D and 3D. Kendal started coding at a young age “modding” games and using GameMaker to write his own games. He practices building and breaking things in order to better understand how they work, often figuring out how the user will break it before they even try. Kendal hopes his contributions towards Nexus will usher in a new way systems interact with other systems. In his spare time he likes to play games and build plastic models.



Software Engineer
Slack ID: @krysto

Quý (Krysto) began his interest in software development when he first learned programming in school at the age of 12, where he won high prizes in programming competitions. Since then, Quý has graduated from FPT University with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. Quý first got involved in the crypto world when he joined NEM in their early days (2014), and helped to develop their first wallet. He worked for several startup companies before joining Nexus. Quý joined Nexus as he sees the project as one of the most technologically advanced in the crypto sphere, that has the potential to take a leading position in the future, and believes he brings many skills and experience to the team. In his free time, Quý enjoys music, dancing, and playing board games with friends.



Slack ID: @glennbogaerts Telegram ID: @GlennBogaerts

Glenn is a system architect and ethical hacker, working as an IT Systems & Operations Manager for a major food production company based in Belgium. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, though made his career in System and Network engineering. He became involved with Nexus in late 2016 and has been a part of the community ever since. Due to his background in IT Networking & Security, he was intrigued by the Nexus vision and believes Nexus has what it takes to change the blockchain scene for the good. Glenn is always ready to provide his expertise to Nexus and the community when it comes to Networking, Security and ethical hacking.



Slack ID: @berserk

Jukka has been actively involved in the Nexus community since 2016. Having a strong background in telecommunications and network security, he was intrigued by Nexus and it's unique feature set and vision. Using his skills in ICT security, Jukka has been proactively helping the team to build robust and resilient foundations for Nexus. Eager to be part of the growing Nexus community and true change, motivates him to hack for fun and for a better world.



Slack ID: @ChekaZ
Telegram: @ChekaZ

Chekaz entered the crypto space in early 2013, and has been an addict of crypto since. He has developed for various altcoins since 2013 and also joined the Feathercoin Team later that year. He founded his own Cryptoproject in 2017, called Trezarcoin & also a Blockchain Company in Germany which invented CoinKit.



Slack ID: @psipherious

Psipherious is a crypto enthusiast, miner, part time web developer and general I.T. enthusiast, with a love for economics, and finance. Psipherious has been contributing to Nexus’ testnets and built and maintain the Orbital Scans.