Nexus Wallet

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux devices.
Wallet Features
Market Data

View live market data from Bittrex and Binance, monitor market liquidity, and view the history of past market trends.

Address Book

Save contacts within a comprehensive Address Book. Store details on your contacts such as: NXS address, email address, phone number and time zone.

Transaction Details

Search, filter, and export transactions as a *.CSV file, or view your transaction history as a live graph.

Seamless Software Updates

Download software updates as simply as you do with a smartphone. Checking into GitHub to see the most up to date version is no longer necessary.

Customizable Skins

Design your own skin or import others made by the Nexus community.

Developing Modules

One can also build modules using the Nexus API, or other available APIs. To learn how to do so, please visit the Nexus Module guide available on our Github.

Protecting Your Wallet

Your Wallet is the safest place to store your NXS. If coins are stored on an exchange or other custodial wallet, then the risk of coins being lost or stolen increases. To ensure you maintain ownership, we recommend that NXS is held in a password protected (encrypted) Nexus Wallet, or a recovery enabled Signature Chain, and that you set up a Password Recovery. Remember: your wallet, your crypto. If your coins are stored somewhere else, they are not yours.

Nexus is an open source technology, licensed under an MIT agreement (click here to view license). You are the sole custodian of your coins, meaning there is no one that can recover your coins or encryption passwords if they are lost. In the case of technical difficulties, the Nexus Community will be happy to help with Wallet related queries.